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The Kitten Channel was established in July, 1996. This is the largest domestic breed, Native American Cat originating in the state of Maine along the Canada border, not cross bred with any wild or feral breed. All kittens registered in TICA. (The International Cat Association) Registration is included in the sales price. The cattery has produced Regional, National and International winners on a consistent basis. The Kitten Channel is a TICA Certified Outstanding Cattery, 11 consecutive years.

Mission of the cattery is to produce large boned, healthy and well socialized kittens as either show/altar or companion/pets. All kittens are sold with a spay/neuter requirement and a 1 year health guarantee. Owned and operated by Paul Battle And Carol Grant. The cattery has developed a reputation of producing very large Maine Coon Cats.

They truly are “Gentle Giants” as they are highly intelligent, extremely affectionate, and very interactive with owners and other pets. They are natured more like a dog than a cat. The best description is that they are a “Golden Retriever temperament” wrapped in a cat’s body. Unlike most domestic cats, it takes 4-5 years for this breed to reach maturity. They do not get their adult coat until the 2nd year. Although they are the largest domestic breed, their life span is similar to normal size domestic house cats (12-18 years). They grow extremely fast, but mature extremely slowly. They look like they are grown at 1 year, but are really just big kittens at that point in time.

The Kitten Channel specializes in producing all tabby colours, some with white, as well as solid black and black smoke maine coon kittens for sale. Kittens are available year round. There is sometimes a waiting list for males as they are more in demand due to their size.

Temperament wise, there is little difference between male and female with this breed. But there is a big difference in size between males and females.

Once you own a Maine Coon kitten you will never want another breed of cat. They are that different. It’s hard to understand that statement until you actually own one. I must warn you they are very addictive. It’s hard to own just one!
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